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PHP-Mysql CGI-PERL ASP at Webwalas

We work on PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, CGI-PERL, XML, Java and other Web Development Server side Scripting Language. Webwalas extensivly work on PHP using Mysql Database and our 70% works are on PHP and Mysql.
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PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, CGI-PERL, XML, Java at Webwalas :

We always recommend our clients to use PHP with Mysql Database if they are not sure what platform they should use for their Web Site. Here are some facts about PHP and Mysql :

  • PHP and MYSQL both are open source and that is why both are FREE to use
  • PHP and MYSQL come with Apache as module that is why PHP is 80% faster than any other Server side scripting language
  • Apache Webserver is also open source
  • Apache runs on Linux with PHP and MYSQL, as these all are FREE and open source, because of that when you buy server space on linux with PHP-MYSQL support it will cost you 80% cheaper than Window Based Server Space
  • PHP is 80% faster than ASP
  • Now-a-days 45% websites are being developed in PHP
  • And above all, Webwalas can you give any kind of Web Solutions using PHP and MYSQL. No matter wheather it is Latest SMS technology and other issues or Simple Database driven sites. PHP can handle everything in Fast Cheap and Easy manner.
We have very good experience working on ASP.net and we can handle any kind of project using ASP.net. We have developed so many web sites with ASP and ASP.net.

As we all know the beauty of Perl-Cgi, Webwalas has some very good portfolio for which we used Perl. Perl is an Old but stable Server side scripting language and it is still as popular as it was in good old days.

Our Skill Sets are :

Hire us for PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, CGI-PERL, XML, Java Solutions..