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Welcome to the WebWalas Web Hosting solutions, one of the leading and most respected web hosting services in hosting industry. We have more than seven years experience in the web hosting industry in India.
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Webwalas Windows Hosting | Web Hosting | website hosting | cheap web hosting | web host | web site hosting | ecommerce web hosting | website design india | web design outsource | web design company india | web design india | web designer | web design | Indian web designer Windows is a personal computer operating system from Microsoft that, together with some commonly used business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, has become a de facto "standard" for individual users in most corporations as well as in most homes.As a matter of fact, more and more people every day are choosing Windows as their hosting platform. The tools for developing web applications on the Windows platform are quickly gaining momentum in the web design marketplace, in turn making creating websites on Windows more appealing.

IIS (Internet Information Server) is a group of Internet servers (including a Web or Hypertext Transfer Protocol server and a File Transfer Protocol server) with additional capabilities for Microsoft's Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server operating systems. IIS is Microsoft's entry to compete in the Internet server market that is also addressed by Apache, Sun Microsystems, O'Reilly, and others. With IIS, Microsoft includes a set of programs for building and administering Web sites, a search engine, and support for writing Web-based applications that access databases. Microsoft points out that IIS is tightly integrated with the Windows NT and 2000 Servers in a number of ways, resulting in faster Web page serving.

Windows machines should be used when Microsoft technologies are needed or desired. IIS (Internet Information Server) is the standard for utilizing ASP (and ASP.NET), and is required if you wish to utilize Windows databases, such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server. Windows hosting is also required if you wish to use any components (CGI, ISAPI, or COM) that were developed using a Windows-based programming language.

There are many options available when it comes to writing CGI scripts on a Windows machine. The most common at the time of this writing are ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP. There are many introductions, tutorials, and even sample scripts available on the Internet when it comes to utilizing these scripting languages.

There are many pre-made programs and objects written for Windows web servers. These programs vary in functionality from small components that you build into your website, to full-blown enterprise applications. Likewise, the price for such varies as well, ranging from free to very expensive. There are a number of websites on the internet that cater to Windows website development, that offer links to both free and purchased software.

What databases are available for your Window website?

That depends mostly on the web hosting provider you select to host your website. There are many flavors of databases that run on Windows, but the most prevalent among web host providers are Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server (SQL 2000), and MySQL. These databases (with the exception of Access) are all relational in nature, and allow highly optimized communication with your website for quick retrieval of information. Microsoft Access databases are actually just database files created with Microsoft Access that the web server can read and write to. Access databases donít offer the processing power of the other database options.

Website design Company india, WebWalas follow great policies to ensure that you have a problem free site running. Our web development company give you 24-hour technical and affordable hosting support with pre-defined guarantees for issues such as up-time and problem resolution.Each machine in our set-up is accessible to other machines on a network, thereby increasing reliability through redundancy. Under our customised backup programme we even backup your data on a daily basis.Our infrastructure is protected through the world's number one firewall system so that your critical data remains completely secure.Now the from older days to new generation we depend on fully on internet. we now provide overall better web hosting services for india than others.

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